Space X - Season 1

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Hai today I am going to tell my imangination.My name is Advayan Praveen I have eight years old. My imangination is X the story starts now.

Chapter 1

How the X born

This is real

One day I in Kotayam I and Kannan were very bored. Kannan asked me what we will play.(because he has 12 years)I said lets play video game. Kannan said I have no video game. I laugh and I said I know you have not video games.Kannan asked do you have video games and why are you laughing?I said I have not video games and I am laughing because that is a game.But how to play that? I said take a imangination hero and play with that I have Golden. Kannan thought for some time and he said Lightning bold and our fight started.After a few days we make many heroes.and play some time later he said this Is boring.After one day I asked again let’s play video game.He said play another game and few days he said no and I go back to my home.but every were was Covid 19 virus luckily I have not Covid 19.After one year I was very very bored because of Covid 19. Few months later I maked 5 heroes like Golden imangination heros. One day I was bored covid . Some days later Covid 19 less I go to play with Annu my friend. Annu started V first he all the time he said new hero.I started X then I said many things and Annu said many things.




Chapter 2


X createtion


This is not real (imangination)


Fist I create new heros and I create planet and galaxy then I create world then create names then create transomation then mega zord then ultimate then vehicle then zord. Hai next I will say creating.


First I will say heroes. I have some heroes that has no names some I delate what I delate I will tell you in Chapter S2 4 and all heros has powers . Next planet and galaxy.X’s planet name is Xeux galaxy heroes Xmvy. Next world .Buldings,tower,cloud,land, and color is blue.Next transomation. I know I skipped one names because I say that in heros. Most heroes transoming with belt and this heroes transom with watch-Leox,Ultrax and legendry hero. Ultrax and Legendry hero is holographics.That why I am Leox.Next vehicle. I skipped 2 I know.all heroes vehicle is skate board that has boster but watch transoming heroes has special skate board because that can fly,ride in water,ride in lava and drive in snow.


Capter 3




This is not real (imangintion)



I know your thinking I see all but I think all.I know you have doubt in Chapter 2 I will fill that.

Firt I will clear transoming most heros has belt I said you know.Fist they open belt then they take cristial cover then they open then take cristial then cristial’s button then go down and go up and hero’s body has a shiny light then that light spin then our cristial come back hero’s head to leg like a star then the hero transomed.Next watch transoming. First they say power cristial and press the button on watch a cristial come in their hand a cristial and they press the button on the cristial that time the crristial round and round the hero then it become a star and stop rounding then the star spin and hit the hero.The hero tranfomed. Next I will tell zord. The hero say zord then he press button on watch a blue light which go fast. Then the blue light dispear and the hero get dragon zord then it need’s to become a mega zord.It will create a hole and go into it and come out like a mega zord.



Chapter 4


The fights



This not real(imangination)


Hai you know I have many heroes but your thinking no more aliens and no more robbers .That’s right but we are heroes that why heroes will fight to no aleins no robbers heroes will fight to monsters. Every hero can’t be ultimate but I said you know watch transoming heroes are special. Then watch transoming heroes can be ultimate. I will tell you some intresting wars with monsters.


First speed war his name was Spile.Annu and I was bored I said let’s play super hero game(video game).Annu aceppt. Then I said I am going to fight with Spile. Annu said I am also coming.fight started that time Annu go to V’s fight and I fight with the monster. That was very very speed fight. I come ultimate and again speed fight and finaly I won and Annu’s battle finished. Next fight with snake man. We don’t know what monster we will take and I said I take snake man.Annu said frog man.battle started was very hard and hard.Then I became ultimate.Than the monster also became ultimate. Then the fight was very very hard but won after some time Annu’s battle also over.



Capter 5



The large battle



This is not real(imangination)


Hai this is sesson 1 last. Your thinking 2 hard battle or 3 hard battle is enogh to go to sesson 2. But after the ultra hard and hard battle. Don’t worry I will tell you before that you need to under stand what is mission. If we did not complet a misson the monster will wake again after one day.misson means it is the way of hard ride.The misson can be in anywere. This time do you under stand what is misson.Then let’s go to fight. I and Annu was boreds I said that alarm is going to ring!Annu asked what alaram. I said X and V’s alarm means if that alarm rang we need toa big fight.Annu said ok. Then our fight started with the skull monster.I found that and I tried to beat that belt nothing is but I under stand that is his weaknes spot and I said that to Annu. Then I and Annu hit and kick the belt.But Annu said that will destroy in the misson.I said ok you go to misson. Annu was slow that I put a X’s another hero and I go with Annu. There was 5 missons they are fire,lgtning,water, snow and all together.Annu thought that hero will not be enough that why he put one V’s hero too.Then we copleted the misson and come back to fight that time I and Annu said hero dispear.The heroes dispeared.That time a big light cameand the monster became ultimate that time many monsters come to fight.Then we call all X and V’s heroes come and fight with the monsters. Then all dead and we said to go all heroes go. Then we see a wall that was very hard to broke that time Annu got an idea.That idea you want to under stand you need to under stand the galaxy map.Our galaxy map has fore planets that are Xamro that is my planet next is Linoi that is my younger sister’s planet next is Voon That is Annu planet next is Moon moon that is Annu’s friend’s planet.I will tell Annu’s idea. That was make all planets together we can defeat the wall easily.I accept and all planet smash together.There was a rule only leaders no heroes.We destroyed the wall and fight with the monster and we became ultimate and I became super dragon ultimate. Then we won.