Skill development and mindset

Praveen S
Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The government has been trying to boost the employment opportunities for our youth for some time. Thanks to the rising population, an increased number of workforce is going to search for employment. The government aims at imparting them with adequate skills to develop them entirely into a suitable workforce for industries. Central and state government started various initiatives through different departments such as education and skill development departments. Different focus areas of skill development potentials have been identified and targeted.  Most of the work in this area seems to be disjointed.  I do not want to comment on the planning and execution of these. Slowly they will get on track; it is just initial stages of such plan. Many capable people are trying to address significant problems related to planning. 
I want to point out the importance of mindset when coming to learning skills. Mindset can be easily addressed in a skill development institute and one of the most important in learning a skill. The mindset about one's ability in using or learning the skill has an important implication on how one will use this skill or develop it in the future. 
There are two kinds of mindsets; fixed vs. growth mindset. Under fixed mindset, the person thinks that the ability needed in particular job skill is fixed and does not changes. Therefore, the person will believe that one can not improve the skill when he possesses the fixed mindset. On the contrary, under growth mindset one views the ability one needs in developing the particular skill as malleable, i.e., that ability can get changed. Therefore, one with the growth mindset opinions that the skill can get improved in the future with adequate effort. Fixed vs. growth mindset has a significant effect on learning skills where the difficulty level in learning may be medium to high. As the difficulty level increases, the probability of failure increases and each failure can cause withdrawal effect in a person with a fixed mindset. The impact of fixed vs. growth mindset and how it can be changed are well researched and written by Carol Dweck in her works.