Ship to Akunamatata

Thursday, November 9, 2023

There once was a ship which was going to crash into an island known as Akunamatata.


The people decided to destroy the ship as their king Tunanan said. It didn’t seem very possible at all as the ship was long as five Statue of Liberty was stacked together and the width was like 100 Titanics put together.

The people were really united so they came up with the idea to wake up Neptune(the god of ocean).Many people thought very hard to wake up the god but to make the loudest horn to wake up the God of the Ocean, Neptune. Tunanan called all the people on the island and told we will kill who the *&^%$#@ajwhis driving the ship to this island. Then came the son of Tunanan. >Ruma<.He told the ship might be big but we are bigger together. Everybody felt motivated they chanted “Save Akumnatata”. Tunan came back and said now the horn shall be built.


                                             >IN THE SHIP<


“Ay-ay captain there’s an is an island incoming”

Oh yeah!Destroy it!